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The ČZW 556 was a Czech assault rifle designed and manufactured by Czech Weapons s.r.o in prototype form only in 2004.


The developmental history of the ČZW 556 is not well documented, however it is said to be designed for use by the military and other law enforcement agencies.[1] It, like most other ČZW weapons, appears to be a testbed for delayed blowback technology.

Design Details[]

The ČZW 556 is an assault rifle using lever delayed blowback. The weapon features a folding stock;[1] unusually, the weapon features a top-mounted charging handle and is also select-fire.[2] A Picatinny rail is present on the weapon, as well as sights which can be adjusted from 100 to 400 meters. The weapon also claims to be able to be converted to various other calibers for various other applications; what these calibers are remain unknown.