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The ČZW 9 PS was a Czech submachine gun designed and manufactured by Czech Weapons s.r.o in prototype form only in 2004.


The developmental history of the ČZW 9 PS is not well documented; however, it is said to be designed to "significantly increase firepower" when deployed in light reconnaissance units. The ČZW 9 PS is also designed to be used by law enforcement agencies.[1] It, like most other ČZW weapons, appears to be a testbed for delayed blowback technology.

Design Details[]

The ČZW 9 PS is a submachine gun using lever delayed blowback. The weapon features a folding stock; the weapon is said to have low recoil due to the patented action.[1] The weapon is select fire and fires from a closed bolt. The weapon features adjustable sights that can be set up to 200 metres (660 feet; 220 yards).[1] The overall platform of the weapon is very similar to the ČZW 556.



Version with fixed stock making it more akin to a carbine. Uses simple blowback and fires from a closed bolt; features a side-mounted charging handle.[2]

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