The .375 Cheyenne Tactical, or .375 CheyTac for short, is a sporting rifle cartridge.


Introduced in 2009, the .375 CheyTac originally started out as a wildcat based on the .408 CheyTac. It became officially certified by the C.I.P. in 2017 under the 375 Chey Tac designation.[1]

Design DetailsEdit

This cartridge is essentially the .408 Chey Tac necked down to use a smaller .375 caliber bullet. Built on the same premise as its parent, which is of a very high speed lightweight projectile to reduce recoil, ideal for long-distance precision shooting.[2]

According to Cheyenne Tactical, the .375 Chey Tac has a slightly higher ballistic coefficient than the .408 Chey Tac.[3] Even though it was developed as a civil cartridge, Australian sniper teams were said to have used the .375 Chey Tac to engage targets in excess of 3,000 yards (2,743.2 meters).[4]


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