The .410 Indian Musket is a proprietary cartridge developed in the 1920s for use in the Ishapore .410.

Design DetailsEdit

The .410 Indian Musket is based on the .303 British cartridge, and came in two different loads; A buckshot load, and a ball load.

Casings were made during the manufacturing process of .303 British rounds, by means of keeping the walls straight and not necking them down. For the ball load, a 98 grain (6.35 grams) lead ball projectile is settled into the casing and then held in place by two crimpings made on the casing.


During the era of British occupation in India, the .410 Indian Musket and weapons chambered in it were issued to native Indian troops in lieu of standard .303 ammunition for fear of potential uprisings where it could be used against the British.

The .410 Indian Musket was also used by riot police and prison guards.

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