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The 12.7x55mm is a Russian cartridge designed in 2002, for the VKS.


The cartridge was designed especially for the VKS, and for the need for a heavy subsonic cartridge.


The cartridge is based on the .338 Lapua Magnum, however, it has similarities with the .50 Beowulf.

The cartridge has a projectile that weighs between 108 grains and 1173 grains. This is because the bullet is used in both subsonic and supersonic applications.

The cartridge has an effective range of 100m and 600m.


VKS versions:[]

  • STs-130: Standard version
  • STs-130U: Version for training, plausibly blank
  • STs-130PT: Version with increased accuracy, that weighs 59 grams.
  • STs-130PT2: An upgraded version of the STs130PT, that is a solid bronze bullet, making it lighter.
  • STs-130VPS: Heavy version, with increased penetration and weighs 76 grams.

ShAK-12 versions:[]

  • 12.7x55mm PS: Standard version, similar to the STs-130.
  • 12.7x55mm Legkaya Pulya (LP): Light version, with a weight of 7 grain. Uses in supersonic ammunition.
  • 12.7x55mm Tyazhelaya Pulya (TP): Heavy subsonic version.
  • 12.7x55mm Dvukhpul'niy (DP): This version has two bullets.
  • 12.7x55mm Broneboynaya Pulya (BP): Armor piercing version