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The 13.2×92mm Tank und Flieger (lit: Tank and Aircraft) cartridge (also known as 13.2mm TuF) is a large-caliber military cartridge developed in World War I. The cartridge pre-dates the use of the word Panzer to refer to tanks in German, hence the use of the English word.

History[edit | edit source]

The 13.2mm cartridge entered service with the Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr in 1918. It was mainly designed to penetrate the armor of enemy tanks at the time.

The ammunition was also used in the MG 18 TuF, a large-caliber variant of the MG 08.

Design Details[edit | edit source]

The 13.2mm cartridge has a 92mm long semi-rimmed case with a shallow bottle neck.

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