The 25×35.5mmR is a rimmed WWII-era flare gun caliber developed by Nazi Germany for use in the Kampfpistole.

Details[edit | edit source]

When the smoothbore barrel of the Leuchtpistole proved inefficient for its intended role, the Germans took the Model Heer 36 and Model Heer Leuchtpistoles and converted them with a new 25mm rifled bore. This lead to the creation of the Leuchtpistole Z, also known as the Kampfpistole.

The 25×35.5mmR was designed specifically to fit into and to be fired from the aforementioned 25mm rifled bore. However, they are also usable in an unrifled Leuchtpistole.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • Spgr.LP (short for Sprenggranate Leuchtpistole, meaning "explosive-round signal pistol") - A 12.5cm long high explosive round with a small black powder charge and a muzzle velocity of 60 meters per second.
  • Nebelpatrone Z - Smoke cartridge, either with or without vents.
  • Deutpatrone Z - Also known as the Rauchsichtzeichenpatrone, it is a smoke cartridge designed for use in conjunction with the Nahverteidigungswaffe system mounted on German tanks.
  • Nachrichtenpatrone Z - Cartridge designed for sending written messages.
  • Leuchtpatrone Z - Signal flare round.

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