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The 30×29mmB grenade is a grenade launcher cartridge of Russian origin.


Developed alongside the AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher, the 30×29mm grenade is a belted cartridge with a steel casing. It comes in several variations;

  • VOG-17M - The original high-explosive (HE) munition used in the AGS-17, featuring a basic HE fragmentation warhead.
  • VOG-30 - Also a high-explosive munition, in a similar vein to the VOG-17M. However, it contains a better explosive filling and an enhanced fragmentation design which greatly increases the blast radius. The improved VOG-30D grenade was adopted by the Russian military for use in the AGS-17 and AGS-30 grenade launchers.
  • IO-30 - High-explosive round.
  • IO-30TP - Training round.
  • VUS-30 - Smoke round.
  • GPD-30 - High-explosive round with a nose instantaneous fuze designed specifically for the AGS-30 grenade launcher. Designed for a maximum firing range of up to 2,100 meters with greater effectiveness.