The 6×45mm SAW was an experimental military cartridge developed by Frankford Arsenal as part of the SAW program.

History[edit | edit source]

The 6×45mm SAW was developed in the early 1970s as a new cartridge for assault rifles and light machine guns under the Squad Automatic Weapon program.

Many studies were carried out during this time. The basic design parameters for the cartridge were studied with the use of computers, a first in the design of small arms cartridges in 1972.

The cartridge's advantages were not enough to warrant the replacement of the 5.56×45mm NATO, due to supply concerns of adopting a third rifle caliber. As a result of the introduction of the 5.56mm M855 cartridge, the 6×45mm SAW was ultimately not adopted and the project was abandoned.

Design Details[edit | edit source]

The 6×45mm SAW is a bottlenecked cartridge similar in design to the 6mm Lee Navy, and uses a boattailed FMJ bullet weighing 105 grain (6.8 grams). It had a muzzle velocity of 2,520 feet per second (768 meters per second), and a muzzle energy of 1,488 ft-lb (2,017 J) of force. The heavy projectile and moderate muzzle velocity optimized long-range performance.

The cartridge initially used conventional brass casings, but then switched to steel casings protected and varnished with a green teflon coating.

Rounds, depending on the bullet and the material of the casing, weigh 10.6 to 15 grams (164 to 231 grains).

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