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6P62 (Russian: 6П62) is the GRAU designation for a yet-unnamed Russian select-fire anti-materiel rifle (generally described in Russian sources as a portable heavy machine gun) chambered in 12.7mm. The weapon itself does not appear to have any other designation, and it is unclear if the weapon has any actual GRAU designation.


The 6P62 was developed by the state-controlled Degtyarev Plant in Kovrov, built as an adaptable anti-infantry and anti-armor weapon in a lightweight and relatively compact package. It was fitted with a bipod for a ground role but also was intended to be mounted to land vehicles and boats. Although it does not appear to have been taken into general service, a photograph of Russian Spetsnaz using a 6P62 from a vehicle mount was featured in FSB photographs published in 2015, implying it may have been adopted in limited numbers by special forces.[1][2][3][4]


The 6P62 is a gas-operated, magazine-fed weapon chambered for 12.7mm rounds. The round is usually identified as the 12.7×108mm, though some sources speculate it may instead be the 12.7×54mm used by the VSSK Vykhlop. The magazine holds 14 rounds. The barrel is fitted with a large muzzle device containing a suppressor-like expansion chamber and muzzle brake.