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The A-545 (GRAU index 6P67) and the related A-762 (GRAU index 6P68) are Russian assault rifles.


The A-545 was announced as a successor line of sorts to the AEK-971 and AEK-973 assault rifle lines which saw limited service with Russian forces. The A-545 was tested against the AK-12 during state Ratnik Trials, at which point the weapon was said to be good enough to be entered into service for evaluation purposes by 2015 at least.

In March 2017, it was announced that the A-545 and AK-12 were to be entered into service after testing of both weapons was complete. The A-545 was meant to be used by mainly border patrol regiments, national guards and special forces due to its complexity compared to the AK-12, but according to some sources, both variants of the weapon have entered service in the Russian military as well as of 2018.

Design Details[]

Similar to the AEK-971 and 973, the A-545 and A-762's controls and layout are heavily based on a normal AK's. However, the A-545 and A-762 both feature the BARS system (Balanced Automatic Recoil System), which shifts the mass toward the muzzle as the bolt and bolt carrier are recoiling rearward by way of a counterweight, negating the impulse of the gas piston and bolt carrier which results in more controllable automatic fire.

Of note is that the travel distance of the reciprocating parts of the A-545 is far shorter than that of an AK-12 or any AK-style assault rifle for that matter; this gives the A-545 a far higher rate of fire of 900 RPM, compared to the 600 RPM or so of normal AKs. The A-545 and A-762 come with one Picatinny Rail that runs along the top of the receiver.



Variant chambered in 7.62×39mm.