The AGM-1 is a rare Italian bullpup carbine.[1][2][3]


The AGM-1 (also known as AGMi) carbine was initially developed as a select-fire SMG for police and military forces, and evolved into a semi-automatic carbine. It was intended to serve both in the military as a reliable bullpup SMG, and in police forces as a pistol caliber semi-auto carbine, using common pistol magazines.

The weapon was made in 9x19mm Parabellum and .45 ACP for export and for Military/Police market, and in .9x21mm IMI and .45 HP for the Italian civilian market, and also in .40 S&W.

The weapon is very rare, with less than 100 made.[4] The production lasted for a very short time, as AL.GI.MEC had shifted its focus into pure firearm importing, and the weapon was also banned for sale in US.

A non-bullpup American version called the Talon MK-1 was made based on the weapon, with the magazine inserted in the pistol grip, and having a thumbhole stock.[5]


The AGM-1 features a removable magazine well that can be replaced to take different magazines. The barrel and bolt can also be quickly swapped to change the weapon's caliber.

The AGM-1 uses Browning Hi-Power magazines.

Many of these weapons in the United States bear no import or Italian manufacture markings, as most were assembled inside USA with imported parts from AL.GI.MEC.



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