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The AK-400 is a prototype Russian assault rifle.


The AK-400 is rather famously known for, if it is even known at all, for being the prototype design on which the full-production AK-12 was built on. Very little is known about the history of the AK-400 other than that, as most details of the history of the weapon are practically shrouded in secrecy. It is said that it will be offered to the Russian Presidential Security Service and the FSB, though this is unconfirmed and it is not known if the AK-400 will enter mass production.

Design Details

The AK-400 is essentially a very heavily modernized AK-74, with new additions such as a folding and telescoping buttstock, Picatinny rails, a redesigned pistol grip which houses the cleaning kit, a redesigned trigger, a two-position gas regulator and a short-stroke gas piston which pushes on a fairly standard AK-patterned bolt among other things.



Standard assault rifle variant. The AK-400 was developed into the AK-12 and 15.

Unnamed squad automatic weapon variant

Squad automatic weapon variant meant to fill a similar niche that the RPK filled back when it was introduced; this weapon is first from the left in the image. This variant of the AK-400 was developed into the RPK-16.