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The AK-50 is an anti-materiel rifle chambered in .50 BMG. It is an AK derivative under development by American firearm manufacturer and YouTuber Brandon Herrera and co. as part of The AK Guy LTD in Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States.


In mid-2019, Brandon created the Brass Valley Initiative, to take young aspiring firearms designers who had been previously denied work on account of their age and lack of experience and then pitted them against each other to solve the locking lug issue on the AK-50. Coincidentally, both teams of young men came to the same solution Brandon had prior to Brass Valley, and so far, this has been the latest concrete update that Brandon has released through his YouTube channel.


It is an experimental project by the entrepreneur to emulate the function of a Barrett M82-style anti-materiel rifle in a Kalashnikov platform, the first of its kind. Early prototypes developed have introduced the concept of two-piston rods to guide the bolt in its long-stroke piston operation recoil system, and one particular problem is a locking lug near the chamber of the current design preventing a full recoil cycle.