The ALAR 91, also known as the Stipe Alar 91, is a Croatian insurrectionist submachine gun.


The year was 1991. The dissolution of Yugoslavia left Croatia with little weapons to arm their troops in time for said country's war of independence. An embargo prevented the newly formed state from legally buying weapons from across seas, which left Croatia with no choice but to design their own weapons, leading to the ALAR. The weapon, while based on dated designs, was apparently liked by its users. The weapons were produced in a small workshop somewhere in Croatia with the help of students from a local machining high school; very few weapons were produced.[1]

Design DetailsEdit

The ALAR is a very crudely-designed submachine gun with wooden furniture. The weapon is quite obviously a mechanical copy of the well-proven MP 40 submachine gun with a different pistol grip and a screw-on receiver. The weapon takes MP 40 magazines.

As mentioned above, the ALAR is a crude mechanical copy of the MP 40; in fact, the weapon uses an MP 40 barrel, bolt, magazine and trigger assembly. The weapon uses a tubular receiver with a screw-on barrel and a removable end cap, possibly for easy maintenance.[1]

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