The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare is a bolt-action sniper rifle created by the British company Accuracy International.

History[edit | edit source]

The British Army began its search for a replacement of the L42A1 around the 1980s. Accuracy International beat out its competitor, Parker-Hale, with its Precision Marksman rifle, and is adopted as the L96A1. Later, the Swedish began their own search for a durable heavy sniper rifle. Accuracy International made some improvements on the L96A1 design and called it "Arctic Warfare" (named after its possibility to use in Arctic environments).

The rifle was adopted by the Swedish armed forces as the Prickskyttegevär 90 (Psg 90). Britain also adopted the weapon as the L118A1. Australia's military and police version of this rifle is called the SR-98, the only difference between it and its British counterpart is its collapsible stock.

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Variants[edit | edit source]

Arctic Warfare Magnum[edit | edit source]

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Arctic Warfare Police[edit | edit source]

Arctic Warfare Folding[edit | edit source]

Arctic Warfare .50[edit | edit source]

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