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The Automatkarbin 5 (Automatic [fire] carbine 5) is the smaller calibre successor of the Ak 4, which is the Swedish version of the G3. It is the Swedish version of the FN FNC, with certain modifications to meet the Swedish military requirements.

Among the more notable is that 3-round burst mode is considered superfluous so the Ak 5 fires either semi-automatic or full automatic. Second, the buttstock and handguards are made longer and more suitable for winter conditions, and the charging handle is enlarged for better grip when using arctic mittens. Special surface treatment is used for better protection against the elements.

Variants[edit | edit source]

The Ak 5 was manufactured in several modifications, including the basic Ak 5; the Ak 5B with 4X telescopic sight and cheek-pad on buttstock, which is issued as a squad-level marksman rifle; Ak 5C with Picatinny rail and no open sights; Ak 5D with the shortened barrel, and integral carrying handle with built-in telescope sight, intended for Commando units and paratroopers; and a variant with a mounted M203 grenade launcher, which is used mostly by Rangers and amphibious forces.

Bofors Ak 5C[edit | edit source]

The Ak 5C is a modernized version of the Ak 5. It underwent a series of modifications, most notably the introduction of a bolt catch as well as a full length picatinny rail system.

The finalized version of the Ak 5C.

Bullpup[edit | edit source]

Bullpup Ak 5.

An apparently experimental converted bullpup Ak 5 appeared online in 2013. Little is known about the weapon.[1]

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