The Alka Mod. 93 Kratka is a Croatian insurrectionist submachine gun.


The year was 1991. The dissolution of Yugoslavia left Croatia with little weapons to arm their troops in time for said country's war of independence. An embargo prevented the newly formed state from legally buying weapons from across seas, which left Croatia with no choice but to design their own weapons, leading to the Alka, although it was developed during the war itself. The weapon, while based on dated designs, was apparently liked by its users. Very few were produced.[1][2]

Design DetailsEdit

The Alka was made entirely of metal and plastics and uses design elements from the Škorpion, Uzi and MAC 10. Unlike most other submachine guns of the time, however, the Alka was actually considered to be very well designed, much like the Zagi M-91 and the ERO submachine gun.

The weapon has a lightweight bolt with a short travel, which allows for a very high rate of fire; the rate of fire for the Alka is stated to be over 1,200 RPM. The charging handle is top-mounted and is very similar to what is seen on an Uzi or MAC 10 while the folding stock appears to be very similar, if not identical, to what is seen on a Škorpion.[1]



  • The Alka is considered to be one of the last, if not the last, Croatian submachine gun developments during the war.[1]

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