The Artemis Sawfly was a prototype Anglo-German bullpup sporting rifle.

History[edit | edit source]

The Sawfly was advertised as "a stylish Bullpup rifle design which has as its core an ethos of functionality, having a unique assembly configuration, advanced material choice in its construction and an Anschütz-inspired action". The rifle was to be designed by Artemis Engineering UK (AEUK for short) based in Shropshire, England, but was to be manufactured by German Sports Guns in Germany.

Advertised as "British Designed, Deutsch Engineered", the Sawfly was supposed to enter production some time after 2013; an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was started to fund the production of the Sawfly, but only managed to raise £798 (approx. USD 1,094 in 2019 dollars) of a £25,000 flexible goal.[1] The rifle remained a prototype and was most likely canceled later; a related weapon known as the Razorback appears to be the successor of the ill-fated Sawfly.

At least two prototypes were built: one with a green stock and one with a gray stock.

Design Details[edit | edit source]

The Sawfly is a bullpup sporting rifle designed in the United Kingdom, but meant to be manufactured in Germany. Under the skin, the rifle's action is heavily based on the Anschütz 520's action, albeit in a bullpup format.[1]

If it was actually released, the Sawfly could have four different stock colors: green, blue, tan and brown. A number of ancillaries were also designed that are specific to the rifle.[1] The rifle also designed for export, with Artemis Engineering working with a number of distributors overseas.

References[edit | edit source]

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