The Askoriya AMR (Cyrillic: Aскория AMP) (also spelled as Ascoria AMR) is an experimental bullpup Ukrainian anti-materiel rifle.

History[edit | edit source]

In the early 1990s in Ukraine, the company KB-ST, led by Igor Mikhailovich Alekseenko, was founded. KB-ST was the brains behind the Askoriya AMR. It was designed to shoot down enemy troops and destroy lightly-armored vehicles from 1500 meters away. It was intended to be used by the Ukrainian army. However, due to the high production costs of the ammunition, it was not adopted, putting KB-ST out of business.

However, according to retired Ukrainian army personnel, the weapon was apparently produced in different versions in very small numbers and was even fielded but was not accepted for service. Manufacturing of the weapon took place in Ukraine and in China.

Design Details[edit | edit source]

The weapon is gas-operated, with the gas outlet system located above the barrel, which has a compensator. It is of a bullpup layout, with the mechanisms positioned in the rear, which served to reduce the weapon's overall length but still maintain the barrel length. In a manner similar to the AO-222's right-hand magazine well, the AMR has a slanted magazine well, which is on the left-hand side of the weapon and positioned behind the pistol grip. The shoulder guard has an adjustable back plate, which is made of a shock-absorbing material to soften the recoil force. The weapon also has a special compensation system, which made the weapon slightly wider than generally accepted samples. The detachable box magazine came in different capacities, ranging from five rounds to eleven rounds. 

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

The ammunition used by the AMR (in the picture below, and in the infobox image above) was a unique, 13.2×99mm caliber saboted flechette round, similar to the 7.62/3mm OPS round used by the AO-27. The projectile itself, which weighs 17.5 grams, was made of a chromium and vanadium alloy with a tungsten steel filler, and was carried in a two-piece plastic sabot. The casing is based on ammunition used in the Hotchkiss 13.2mm machine gun.

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