The Bangerter machine gun is an American rotary machine gun.


This machine gun was designed in 1922 by Friedrich Bangerter, a designer based in New York. Little details about this machine gun are known other than that. It is highly unlikely that this weapon advanced past the prototype stage, and it is also quite likely that no weapons were actually produced.

Design DetailsEdit

This abomination of a machine gun used an amazingly complicated blow-forward action with what appears to be a chain drive driving the fifteen barrels of this weapon. This chain drive is actually an even more complicated loading system, where rounds are loaded into this chain drive of chambers which lock into the 15 barrels.

The Bangerter's trigger is located on the top of the weapon, which moves a lever to activate a device located at the front of the barrels which operates the chain drive to rotate the massive fifteen-barrel cluster and fire the weapon. The Bangerter's rate of fire is also said to be adjustable, although actual figures for the rate of fire for the weapon are unavailable.


  • Friedrich Bangerter was more well known for (if he is even known at all) for making a powderless "noiseless" machine gun powered by a 7 HP gasoline engine and was claimed to fire "a million bullets a minute". The gun appeared to look like a four barreled machine gun on a tripod.