Benelli Armi SpA (known more widely as Benelli) is an Italian firearms manufacturer, originally founded by Giovanni Benelli in 1967.[1] Benelli are currently a subsidary of Beretta Holding (parent company of Beretta) and own Uberti through their US based operations in Maryland.[1]


Benelli was spawned from the Benelli Motorcycle Company in 1967, although the idea first came to the Benelli family (who owned the two companies) in the 1940s.[2] The family would have to wait, however, until a new Italian designer, Bruno Civolani, designed a new shotgun action for the company.[2] The new design, which used the energy from the bolt in the form of inertia instead of the more conventional gas mechanism used in shotguns, meant that Benelli had a unique design to begin manufacture.[2]

This new mechanism (which allowed a shotgun to be fired five times in less than a second) proved to be popular in the hunting and military markets, leading Benelli to become a strong brand.[2] Benelli were one of a number of companies, including Uberti and SAKO to be bought by Beretta in the late 1980s, and since then have expanded to include a headquaters in the United States (named Benelli USA).[2]


Benelli's signature design for shotguns has been refined over the years, with Benelli becoming one of the world's leading producers of shotguns. Added to this, Benelli have also designed and produced a number rifles for their parent company Beretta, as well as a range of pistols and parts.[1]


Benelli have continued to use Civolani's design into the 2010s, with their current range of shotguns well respected and used across the world.[1]


Benelli developed the Argo system, which had three lugs on the bolt head, a system which prompted Beretta to use Benelli to design a new range of ergonomic designs.


Benelli also have a range of pistols which are sold for target shooting.

Benelli also developed a one off submachine gun named the Benelli CB M2.


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