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Waffenfabrik Bergmann was a German arms manufacturer started around 1894 by Theodor Bergmann and closed around 1922, and later from 1934 to 1945 by Theodor Emil Bergmann.


Bergmann was started around 1894 by Theodor Bergmann. The company was based in Gaggenau and manufactured various pistols and submachine guns for use by the German Army. Bergmann himself retired in 1910. The company was acquired by Lignose AG around 1922. Noted employees of Bergmann included Louis and Hugo Schmeisser; the elder Schmeisser left Bergmann around 1905 to work for Rheinische Metallwaaren- und Maschinenfabrik AG and the younger Schmeisser left Bergmann in 1919 to work for C.G. Haenel after various disagreements.[1]

A second incarnation of the company was started prior to World War II by Bergmann's son, Theodor Emil Bergmann as Theodor Bergmann & Co. GmbH, though it appeared to simply be a marketing organ for the MP 35 submachine gun as it was manufactured by other companies. The company became Theodor Bergmann K.G. after the younger Bergmann left the firm in 1939; the company closed after World War II.


Bergmann manufactured various pistols, such as the Bergmann Mars and the Bergmann Model 1896, as well as submachine guns such as the MP 18. Its second incarnation marketed the MP 35 and may have manufactured the gun to some degree.


Submachine guns[]

*Marketed by the second incarnation of the company

Machine guns[]