The Boberg Arms XR9 is a bullpup semi-auto pistol by Boberg Arms Corporation.[1]

There are two models, the XR9-S and the XR9-L.[2] A variant chambered in .45 ACP exists and is known as the XR45-S.[3]

Design[edit | edit source]

The Boberg Arms XR9 is a rotating barrel, locked-breech pistol. It is characterized as a bullpup pistol because its chamber is located behind the trigger, directly above the magazine. This design makes the XR9 more compact and increase its barrel length while maintaining its compactness.[4]

The weapon's loading process is a unique pull-push system, where the rearward motion of the slide pulls a round out of the magazine backwards, and pushes up and forwards into the chamber. To facilitate this design, the magazine is designed so that the cartridges are loaded nose-down, and the feed lips hold them in this position. There are no followers in XR9 magazines, and the spring directly pushes at the bottom round. This system causes problems with some brands of ammunition, and Boberg Arms maintained a list of compatible ammunition brands.[5]

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