The bolt is the part that feeds the cartridge into the chamber. It houses the firing pin and ejector, and the extractor is attached to the exterior (usually with a pin, so as to allow the extractor to grip the rim of the cartridge case).

It is an integral part of a firearm's operation; without the bolt (or an equivalent), it cannot fire.

Bolt designs[edit | edit source]

Telescoping bolt[edit | edit source]

A telescoping bolt is a bolt that wraps around the breech end of the barrel. This bolt design is often used to reduce overall weapon length without sacrificing barrel length or bolt weight.

Turn bolt[edit | edit source]

A turn bolt refers to a firearm component that where the whole bolt without using a bolt carrier turns to lock/unlock. This is mostly used to describe manually operated bolt action firearms, but also on some automatic firearms.

Rotating bolt[edit | edit source]

A rotating bolt is a bolt that locks into a barrel extension via use of lugs and using a bolt carrier. There is always a slot milled out for a cam pin in the bolt carrier in order to facilitate the rotating of the bolt itself as it locks into the barrel extension.

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