The Breda Xanthos is a Semi automatic shotgun developed by Breda. The Xanthos is the first semi auto shotgun using an inertial system to cycle the piston and chamber the shell.

History[edit | edit source]

From the genius of Bruno Civolani, who is the father of the traditional inertial semiauto, Breda Xanthos is considered by many to be the ultimate evolution of this system. The Xanthos concept merges with Breda’s enormous engineering know-how with the result being a hugely innovative shotgun, unique in its mechanics and its design. All Xanthos guns are manufactured and assembled in Italy, inside the Valle Trompia where all the World’s best guns and rifles are produced.

Fast Reloading[edit | edit source]

Thanks to the Breda Fast Loading, reloading the shotgun is very efficient, reliable and enables the hunter to shoot quickly reducing the interval between shots

Variants[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The innovative design of the Xanthos allows the gun to use a heavier bolt which absorbs recoil better reducing the felt recoil in the shoulder.
  • The style of the Xanthos has been prepared by one of the best Italian designers, Mrs. Cervi. The quality of the wood and the standard of the finish make the gun both handsome and attractive - as well as having high performance.

Videos[edit | edit source]


SHOTGUN REVIEW Breda Xanthos and Chiron 12 Gauge Semi Auto


Breda Xanthos

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