The CIS SR 88 is a Singaporean assault rifle.


The SR 88 was created in light of the poor sales of the SAR 80 and the Sterling SAR-87, with many parts of the SR 88 being very similar to the SAR 80's parts. The SR 88 is now known as the "Baby Ultimax" due to its overall shorter length and function and frame similarities.

Design DetailsEdit

The SR 88 uses a gas-operated, rotating bolt system, with the gas piston and gas cylinder plated with chromium. The barrel has a muzzle brake which acts as a rifle grenade launcher. The SR 88's gas piston has three positions; one for regular conditions, one for harsh conditions, and one for launching specialized rifle grenades. Furniture on the rifle is made of plastic.


SR 88A

Improved variant of the SR 88 manufactured using higher quality materials, but other than that has no discernible differences from the normal SR 88.



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