The CS/LM12 is a rotary machine gun of Chinese origin. The weapon is mounted on vehicles and used by Special Forces.

History[edit | edit source]

Ever since the Chinese economic reform in 1984, China had successfully developed a 23mm rotary autocannon; however, it wasn't until the 1990s when the rotary machine gun was developed to accept a smaller caliber in China. The CS/LM12 was first shown off at a Chinese police fair in 2012, and has since been accepted into service in some units of the Chinese military.

Design details[edit | edit source]

On first glance, the CS/LM12 appears to be a clone of the M134 Minigun due to almost identical appearances, function and role. However, there are some notable differences between the Minigun and the CS/LM12, such as being a dual-feed machine gun as opposed to a single feed; in fact, the weapon resembles the XM214 Microgun more in terms of technical function than it does the Minigun.

The CS/LM12 is fed from 1000-round belts in flexible mounts, similar to the minigun. Normally, the weapon's rate of fire is set to 2500 RPM, but it is capable of firing 6000 RPM at maximum if the need arises. The process for loading the CS/LM12 is practically identical to loading the Minigun; loading the ammunition box, feeding the belt through the flexible mount, feeding the belt through to the weapon and then rotating the barrel to feed the belt into the weapon until the first belt link falls out the weapon.

The CS/LM12 also has a fire control system which can help feed information such as ammunition remaining and rate of fire the weapon is currently set at to the user. As with the Minigun, the CS/LM12 can also be mounted on vehicles and fired from there.

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