The Casull Model 290 is a very rare American carbine.


Designed in the mid 1960s by Richard "Dick" Casull who took a silhouette from pan magazine-fed machine guns used during World War II, the Model 290 began production in 1966. However, due to high costs of manufacturing and a rather high MSRP of US$1060 for the time, the Model 290 sold poorly, with only 87 examples manufactured before all production stopped the following year. The Model 290 was later developed into the more famous American-180 submachine gun, known for its astounding rate of fire and high capacity.

When originally introduced, the Model 290 was a rather popular weapon to be used by foreign dignitaries. Philippine dictator and kleptocrat Ferdinand Marcos was known to have owned one. Due to their scarcity and their limited production, the Model 290 is highly valued by collectors.

Design DetailsEdit

This blowback-operated carbine operated from an open bolt, with the bolt face striking the cartridge on a diagonal on both edges for positive primer ignition. All parts are hand-fitted, with the weapon's quality being on par with that of a Thompson submachine gun. The weapon's receiver is made of a solid block of steel.

The weapon's magazine is an opaque 290-round detachable pan magazine that feeds from the top of the weapon; this 290-round pan magazine is known to have one of the highest, if not the highest, capacities for a drum magazine.