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Colt's Manufacturing Company (or CMC), better known as Colt, is a United States firearms manufacturer founded in 1848. It specializes in the engineering, production, and marketing of many types of firearms and is most famous for their pistols and revolvers. Among the most famous of these revolvers is the Colt Peacemaker (also known as the Single Action Army). Other famous models made later in the companies' life include the Colt Python, Colt Walker and the Colt Anaconda. Colt also has been a workplace for gun engineer John Browning, whose work debuted in the Colt M1900.



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Colt is also responsible for some lesser known but still important firearms like the CAR-15 family of weapons, the Colt SCAMP, and the Colt Revolver Rifle.

Colt was involved in one of the longest labor walkouts in American history, from 1986 to 1990, leading to the company filing Chapter 11 in 1992. In 1998, then-CEO Ron Stewart said in a Washington Post interview that he would favor a federal permit system for gun ownership. This led to a grass-roots boycott of Colt products and was likely directly responsible for the decision in October 1999 to end all double-action revolver production, as well as Stewart's resignation.

In 2002, Colt Defense was split off from Colt's Manufacturing Company. Colt Manufacturing Company now serves the civilian market, while Colt Defense serves the law enforcement, military, and private security markets worldwide. Prior to the split Colt was also well known for their production (now taken over by Colt Defense) of the M1911 automatic pistols, M4 Carbines, M16 assault rifles, and M203 grenade launchers, although none of these were Colt designs. Diemaco of Canada was also purchased, and renamed Colt Canada, though most of its products remain the same. Diemeco and Colt had earlier worked together on designs and shared many similar products.

Colt was acquired by the Česká Zbrojovka Group in 2021 as part of an expansion plan by CZG into the United States Market. The deal was worth $220 million, with the transaction expected to be completed by the second quarter of the year.[1]



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