Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken (German Weapons and Munitions Works), known as DWM, was an arms company in Imperial Germany. It was created when Ludwig Loewe & Company merged with several other companies, including Waffenfabrik Mauser and Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik Lorenz. This was orchestrated by Isidor Loewe, as his brother Ludwig had died in 1886.

DWM introduced the Pistol Parabellum ('Luger Pistol') in the late 1890s. It was worked on by Georg Luger and Hugo Borchardt. DWM also manufactured the Maschinengewehr 01 and Maschinengewehr 08, licenced versions/clones of the Maxim gun. The MG08 would be the main German heavy machine gun of the First World War. Along with being one of the main arms suppliers of Imperial Germany, the company was at the forefront of small arms technology. They also supplied the non-German world (mostly Latin America) with the Mauser rifle system becoming one of the worlds largest arms manufacturers. Due to the fact that the Mauser rifle was one of Germany's main exports before the First World War, they proved to be an important part of the pre-war economy. Many of their weapons were still used by German troops up through the Second World War.

The original Ludwig Loewe & Company was also still active at this point as part of a group with DWM - Karl Maybach (who was part of the Maybach company) was employed by the company in 1901.

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