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The Dae-Han rifle (Hangul: 대한식 소총 Daehansig Sochong) was a prototype Korean bolt action rifle designed and manufactured by the 1st Busan Army Arsenal in 1952[1] in prototype form only. This rifle has been said to be one of the first, if not the first, domestically-produced weapon in Korea.


The Dae-Han rifle was designed in 1952 by the 1st Busan Army Arsenal. The weapon was tested alongside some six other domestically-made weapons to evaluate their performance, however the results of said trial have either not been made public or have been lost.[1] Other records regarding the history of this rifle are not well documented. Two rifles are currently held in the archive collection of the Taereung Military Academy.[1]

Design Details[]

The Dae-Han rifle is a bolt-action rifle feeding from an internal magazine. The rifle, while a domestic design, features foreign influences in its design; the barrel of the rifles are taken from Type 99 Arisakas, the weapon uses 8-round en bloc clips from the M1 Garand and possibly uses the same feeding system, while the weapon's design and bolt as a whole are influenced by the M1917 Enfield.[1]