Desert Tech, formerly known as Desert Tactical Arms, is an American firearms company.


Desert Tech was founded in May 2007 by Nicholas "Nick" Young as Desert Tactical Arms. When initially founded, they marketed their first product, the SRS sniper rifle.

The company was rebranded in December 2013 as Desert Tech as the company wanted to promote themselves as a universal brand that unites the arms, ammunition and training divisions, in addition to creating a synergy that would spearhead the development of more advanced equipment, munitions and the like.[1]


The company is well known for producing bullpup sniper rifles, with their most well known products being the SRS and HTI, and expanded their range with the MDR assault rifle in 2017.

Currently, Desert Tech produces the SRS-A1, SRS-A1 Covert, HTI and MDR.

In 2015, they produced a prototype sniper rifle chassis called Desert Tech R7S.

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