The EMER-K1 (Electro-Mechanical Engineering Rifle) is an assault rifle of Burmese origin.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The EMER-K1 was designed on the request of the Burmese Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Corps. It was completed around 2001 and was said to incorporate design elements of other contemporary bullpup rifles, such as the QBZ-95, Tavor, SAR 21 and SA80. Internally, the weapon is apparently based on the M16. It is chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO and fed through STANAG magazines. A light support weapon variant was also developed, which utilized a modified handguard and bipod from the G3 rifle.

To date, there has been little information released about the weapon. Some reports claim that it is unreliable and of poor build quality. It has not been issued in large numbers to the Burmese military.

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