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Emilio Ghisoni was an Italian firearms designer.


Ghisoni's father founded a company named Mateba, which Ghisoni himself later led in 1956 after his father's death; to do so, he had to drop out of high school. Ghisoni led the company for some time, producing unusual and unconventional revolver designs, which stemmed from his wanting to improve accuracy in rapid-fire competitions; and accomplished this by aligning the barrel with the lower chamber of the cylinder instead of the top, in order to lower the bore axis and minimize the effects of recoil for the weapon. After a battle with a bone tumor, he died in 2008 at the age of 71.


Ghisoni's firearms tend to be designed with a competition shooting purpose. They are often very rare and made in very high quality. The Chiappa Rhino was his very last project and design before his death.