The Erma SR-100 Präzisionsgewehr,[1] also known as the M100,[2] was a German bolt-action sniper rifle designed and manufactured by ERMA Werke from 1996 to 1999. The rifle is renowned for its excellent accuracy.

History[edit | edit source]

The rifle was first marketed in January 1996[1] and quickly became renowned for its sub-0.3 MOA accuracy. The rifle had a list price of USD 9000[3] (approx. USD 14,753 in 2019 money) and was imported by Capital City Firearms.[1] Production ended in 1999.[3]

A number of rifles may have been used in trials, with ballistic computers attached to their rails. The rifles have also been used by a number of special forces units, most notably GSG 9.[1]

Design Details[edit | edit source]

The rifle has a unique 60-degree bolt angle and a unique mounting system for the action.[3] Quick change barrels are also included.[1] The weapon has six-groove rifling.[3]

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