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The FAMAE SAF is a submachine gun designed and manufactured by FAMAE, a Chilean arms company. It is used mainly by the Chilean armed forces and police, however, is exported abroad. Is also uses by the Paramilitary Police, gendarmerie type, Portuguese Republican National Guard (GNR - Guarda Nacional Republicana), and the Prison Guard (Guarda Prisional) 

Overview[edit | edit source]

The SAF is based on the now obsolete SIG 540, that was licensed produce by FAMAE. Essentially, the SAF is a scaled-down 540 chambered in pistol calibers, such as 9mm Parabellum and .40 S&W. With the only differences being that the rotating bolt has removed to be blowback operated and the addition of a bolt hold-open.

The gun is made out of steel except for the handguard that is made out of polymer. The receiver is connected with two steel pins similar to how the M16 does it.[1] The fire selector is based on the SIG 540, with four settings safe, single shot, 3 round bursts, and full-auto.

The magazine is made out of polymer in the 9mm version, but in the 40 S&W is made out of steel.

Variants[edit | edit source]

The SAF is manufactured in four versions:

  • SAF: Standard model with a fixed polymer buttstock has a 7 inches barrel.
  • SAF SD: An integrally suppressed version, it has a folding buttstock.
  • Mini-SAF: The Mini-SAF is very compact, at only 12 inches long. It has a shorter barrel, of 4 inches long, no shoulder stock, and pre-equipped a vertical foregrip. The Mini-SAF can use the standard 30-round magazines, but comes with special 20-round magazines for a smaller profile. Sold also in semi-auto.[2]
  • SAF-200: An updated version with a new buttstock and pre-equipped with a grip. It comes with Picatinny rails.[1]

All versions have post front sights with adjustable elevation, and aperture rear sights, adjustable for windage.

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