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The FN Ballista is a bolt action sniper rifle designed and manufactured by FN Herstal.


The rifle was designed as an entrant to the PSR competition for a new sniper rifle for the U.S. Army. Unfortunately, it lost out against the MSR.[1]


The Ballista is a multi-caliber sniper rifle, in other words, it can change its caliber between the .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum and .308 Winchester.[2]

It comes with Picatinny rails on the top (for mounting optics or laser devices) and on the bottom (for bipods or grips).[1]

The Ballista trigger system is fully adjustable for single-stage or two-stage release. This makes the rifle able to be used in both close and long ranges. The gun also has a foldable stock for more comfortable carrying.[3]