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Fabrique Nationale de Herstal, more often abbreviated as Fabrique Nationale or simply FN, is a Belgian manufacturer of firearms. The company often market themselves under the name FN Herstal and, at present, own (in effect) both the Winchester Repeating Arms Company and Browning. In 1898 the company entered into a long lasting relationship with John Moses Browning, a well-known firearms designer.


  • FN SPR — a 7.62 × 51mm bolt-action sniper rifle
  • FN PBR7.62 x 51mm bolt-action sniper rifle intended for police patrol cars
  • FN EVOLYS - a lightweight 5.56x45mm NATO/7.62x51mm NATO machine gun
  • FN Minimi — Mini-mitrailleuse, 5.56x45mm NATO machine gun in use with several nations and known in U.S. use as the M249 SAW and Mk 46 Mod 0
  • FN MAG — Mitrailleuses D'Appui General, 7.62mm machine gun, also known as the L7 and M240 machine guns
  • FN 303 — less-lethal projectile launcher
  • FN P-12 — 12-gauge pump-action shotgun with 5-shell magazine
  • FN Tactical Police Shotgun12-gauge shotgun with 8-shell magazine
  • FN FNP  — a series of pistols of different calibres.
    • FN FNP-9M — compact 9x19mm pistol
    • FN FNP-40.40 S&W pistol
    • FN FNP-Tactical -- .45 ACP pistol
  • FN FNS - a series of pistols of various calibres.
  • FN FNX - a series of pistols of various calibres.
  • FN SLP12-gauge self-loading police shotgun
  • FN Ballista — Precision rifle