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Fedor Vasilevitch Tokarev (Cyrillic: Фёдор Васи́льевич То́карев) was a Russian engineer and firearms designer.


Fedor Tokarev was born in the Cossack village of Yegorlykskaya in 1871. At the age of 11, he worked as an apprentice to the local blacksmith and three years later he found work at a gunsmith's. In 1888 he attended the Novocherkassk Military Trade School, where he landed a position as an Army engineer. He earned an officer's commission at Oranienbaum in 1907 and then went to work at the Sestorets arms plant, where he developed a modified version of the Maxim gun, before being transferred to Tula Arsenal in 1921. While at Tula he designed a self-loading rifle that would be adopted by the Red Army in 1939, and a pistol that would see widespread military issue throughout World War II. After the war, he retired and died in 1968, at the age of 96.