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The FM-9 is a heavy submachine gun manufactured by Freedom Ordnance. The weapon is a 9mm belt-fed M16 upper.

Design Details[edit | edit source]

The FM-9 is compatible with any AR-15 lower receiver without any modification.[1]

The FM-9 has a 4-rail handguard based on the RIS designed, for putting optics, lasers or grips.[1]

It has an A2 flash hider and a barrel that can be changed.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Elite Series[edit | edit source]

A high standard version, with Picatinny rails, better ergonomics and less recoil. Is heat-treated and have QPQ nitride finishes on all steel parts, to give the system extreme durability.[2]

Minimalist Series[edit | edit source]

A cheaper version, with a less ergonomic handguard, and only two Picatinny rails on the top. But had the same receiver.[3]

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