The K-3 is a Armenian assault rifle.


Very little is known about the K-3, however it is known that the weapon is currently being fielded by Armenian forces; it was first known to be spotted publicly in a 2006 Military Parade. The brainchild of the Military Industrial Department of the Armenian Ministry of Defence, the K-3 was first spotted in October 1996 at its initial unveiling, with over 40 produced the same month despite the K-3 not having entered mass production.

Design DetailsEdit

The K-3 is essentially a bullpup AK-patterned rifle. It is said to inherit all the characteristics of the AK and improves upon them, such as recoil minimization and the like. The weapon can only be fired right-handed due to the placement of its ejection port. The weapon uses standard AK iron sights, with the option of mounting a full-power optic such as the PSO-1 scope off to the side. An attachment can be fitted onto the barrel that allows the firing of rifle grenades; this attachment is no longer needed in newer versions of the K-3.


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