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The Gepárd GM6 Lynx (known in Hungarian as the M6 Hiúz) is a modern anti-materiel rifle manufactured by Sero.


The GM6 is part of the Gepárd anti-materiel rifle family. It is the final member of the family. It was meant to help disable targets such as lightly armored vehicles, armored troops, light shelters and small buildings; even helicopters at a 600 to 800 meter range.

Design Details[]

The GM6 uses a long-recoil system to fire the weapon, like a Remington Model 8. The barrel recoils with every shot, traveling with the bolt for a short period of time before coming back on its own. A unique feature is the caliber change option, where the caliber can be changed from .50 BMG to 12.7×108mm, with the change of a few parts. The weapon can also be transported with the barrel pushed into the receiver to make it more compact. It can then be released with the push of a button. A hinged dust cover covers the working mechanism of the gun, situated on the right.