A bureaucrat is a user similar to an administrator. But they have a few more advantages. A bureaucrat has the power to make other users, on their wiki, into administrators or bureaucrats.

Who are this Wiki's Bureaucrats? Edit

The "founder" of a wiki automatically is granted administration and bureaucracy. So, the founder of this wiki is a bureaucrat. Other bureaucrats are either elected or granted bureaucracy, through another bureaucrat. This wiki's bureaucrats are listed at Special:Listusers/sysop.

How to use Bureaucracy Edit

This page will help you understand how to use your new bureaucrat and administrator powers.

How to become one? Edit

To become a bureaucrat, you must be granted bureaucracy by another bureaucrat. On some wikis there is a page for admin and bureaucrat, request and nomination. Maybe something like Guns Wiki:request for bureaucracy. But on a small wiki, just leave a message on a bureaucrat's talk page.

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