As part of our efforts into bringing editors closer together to facilitate better communication, the Gun Wiki has launched its very own Discord server! Participation is optional, but encouraged.

Discord is a free and easy-to-use multipurpose chat application which runs on PCs and mobile devices. It can be downloaded from the following link:

The Gun Wiki server can be accessed via the following invite link:

Server rules

Please observe the following rules when you are in this server. This is a non-exhaustive list; rules can be updated at a moment's notice.

  1. Treat other users on the server with civility, respect, and consideration. Any form of harassment on any basis is forbidden, and will result in disciplinary action.
  2. Discrimination and slurs are not allowed. Expletives are permitted. When making jokes, take care that the recipient is aware you are joking, and doesn’t find it insulting.
  3. NSFW images are strictly forbidden. No offensive names or heated arguments towards other people in the chat; this includes bashing.
  4. Spam, excessive use of caps and excessive mentioning of users can result in a kick or possibly a ban.
  5. Advertising of any Discord server of any sort is forbidden.
  6. Religious and political discussions are allowed but must be kept mature and calm.
  7. Encouragement or promotion of drug use (or other similarly illegal acts) is forbidden. Discussion is allowed so long as encouragement does not occur.
  8. Moderators reserve the right to add temporary rules or take action in a situation not covered by these rules, said action will be later assessed by Admins.
  9. Please do your best to keep the topic of conversation relevant to the channel’s topic.
  10. To ensure that everyone can understand you, English should be used while talking on the Discord.
  11. If you need any help or if there is a problem within the Discord server or the Wiki, do ping an administrator directly.
  12. If you are banned from this server, creating another account to evade the ban is forbidden.
  13. Personal attacks towards a user, admin, or to the Wiki in general are forbidden. This also includes raiding this very server itself.

While all relevant Gun Wiki policies apply on the Discord, and that the Discord is run by the Gun Wiki administration, the wiki and Discord should be viewed as separate but related entities. Conflicts that arise between users on either platform should remain on that platform. The Discord is intended as a venue for the Gun Wiki community to socialize and discuss, whereas the wiki is for collaborating and creating.

List of server channels

Name Description
Rules and Regulations
For rules and regulations regarding the Discord.
#welcome The "landing page" when you join the Discord. Rules are located here.
#announcements Any important news and announcements regarding the Wiki will be posted here. Do ensure that you follow this channel regularly for updates.
#editor_verification If you are an editor from the Wiki, please post your Wikia profile link here to verify so. Verified users will be given the Editor role.
Discussion category
#general For any and all forms of discussion.
#wiki_discussion For any Wiki-related discussion.
#firearms For firearms-related discussion.
#translations For translations of any content.
Special topics
For niche topics.
#gaming For any game-related discussion, firearm-related or otherwise.
#history For any history-related discussion.
#vehicles For any vehicle-related discussion.
#book_club For posts related to any books, firearm-related or otherwise.
#helpdesk Have a question you've been dying to ask? Ask it here. Please keep any questions to the topic of firearms and do not go off-topic.
#politics For discussion relating to firearms politics or similar topics.
#firearms_laws For discussion relating to firearms laws or similar topics.
#memes Self-explanatory.
#bubbas Self-explanatory.
Operations category
The channels in the category are meant for wiki-related or Discord-related discussion only.
#suggestions Have any suggestions for this server or the Wiki or anything that needs to be fixed? Tell us here.
#feedback Feedback on concepts proposed by the administration can be posted here.
#info_dump Information for later use can be "dumped" here.
#vandal_report Notify an administrator of any acts of vandalism on the Wiki.
#user_report If you suspect someone to be breaking a rule, please tell us here. Your report will be reviewed accordingly.
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