NOTE:This page assumes you know about how to use templates and the concept of your user space(User:Username/articlename is an example of a page in your userspace). If you do not know how to use templates refer to the wiki formatting help page linked on the right.

Userboxes are small boxes you can put onto your userpage to show languages you know, operating systems you use, and political affiliations. To make Gunpedia a little better there are a few rules about Userboxes you must follow:

  • Userboxes should not be used to show your political beliefs on an issue(i.e. Gay Marrige, US out of UN, Abortion), but can display your general political beliefs and affiliations(i.e. Communism, Capitalism) as long as they do not imply something greater than you being part of that political affiliation.
  • Userboxes should not be used to advertise your religious beliefs. You may use userboxes to show your religion(i.e. Catholic userbox), however.
  • Userboxes may be used to show what interests you have in Guns.
  • Userboxes that have not been approved for global use on the wiki should go into your namespace, then insert it into the talk page of this page template style({{User:Username/Template}}) under a descriptive header.

Creating Userboxes

To create a userbox use Template:Userbox or Template:Userbox2 in your namespace. Instructions on using the template are in the template page.

Using Userboxes

To use userboxes, link them template style to your page. If you want, we use the handy Template:Babel to organize your userboxes. Details are on using this template are on the template's page.

Getting Userboxes

Click here to browse our current set of userboxes.

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