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The Handflammpatrone DM34 is a German hand-held disposable incendiary pistol.


Little is documented about the Handflammpatrone's history, except that it was used from 1965 to 2001; most details of the development of the weapon are shrouded in secrecy by the German Army.

Design Details[]

The Handflammpatrone is a single-shot, pistol-like incendiary weapon. The weapon cannot be reloaded; it must be disposed after use.


The Handflammpatrone uses a proprietary cartridge of an unknown caliber filled with red phosphorus. When fired, the cartridge will explode after contact with a surface, or traveling for 8 metres (26 feet) or after 1.3 seconds if there is no contact. This area is approximately 15 metres (49 feet) wide and 50 metres (160 feet) long.