The GMG (short for Granatmaschinengewehr, meaning "Grenade Machine Gun") began as a private venture by Heckler & Koch around 1992 and began trials with the Bundeswehr (German Army) in 1995. It is also referred to as the GMW or GraMaWa (short for Granatmaschinenwaffe).

Technical Description[edit | edit source]

The GMG is an air cooled, belt-fed, API blowback-operated grenade launcher fed from 32-round link belts.

The feed on it uses NATO-standard disintegrating belts from either side, which can easily be set up and can be mounted on a special tripod or on the U.S. M3 tripod through a proprietary softmount that includes spade grips and additional trigger, shoulder rod, and sight mounts.

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