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For the military variant, see Heckler & Koch HK33.
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The Heckler & Koch HK43 is a semi automatic rifle version of the HK33 assault rifle, and is the predecessor of the HK93.


During the 1960s, H&K developed a assault rifle version of the G3 battle rifle chambered with 5.56×45mm NATO, In 1968, the HK33 was introduced.

H&K introduced a semi automatic version of the HK33 in 1974 as the HK43.

In 1975, the HK93 was introduced shortly after the HK43.


HK43KA1: A shortened version with a 322mm barrel (12.6 inches) was produced in 1977.

HK43A2: Variant with a rigid synthetic stock.

HK43A3: Standard rifle but with telescoping metal stock.

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