Heinrich Vollmer was a German arms designer affiliated with Erfurter Maschinenfabrik and Gustav Genschow & Co.

History[edit | edit source]

Born in 1885 in Altdorf, Vollmer intially began his career by producing parts for MG 08 machine guns, with his first innovation being a beltless feed system; he also designed a high capacity magazine 60-round for the MP 18.[1] After this, he would develop his own submachine guns like the VMP, his own machine guns like the VMG 1927 and automatic rifles like the SG 29 and M35.

Vollmer's most notable work would come in the 1930s and 1940s when he designed the EMP and MP 36 for Erfurter Maschinenfabrik; the design of the MP 36 would evolve into the MP 38 and ultimately the MP 40. Both designs would be used during World War II. After World War II, Vollmer was made a member of the Württemberg-Hohenzollern State Advisory and as a member of the Biberach City Council. He was recommended by district administrator Paul Heckmann for a Order of Merit in 1959 but declined the award.[2] Vollmer died in 1961 in Tübingen, one day after his 76th birthday.

Outside of his arms producing ventures, Vollmer established grinding machine manufacturer Vollmer Werke in 1909, which still exists to this day.[3]

Works[edit | edit source]

Vollmer is known for the design of the following weapons:

References[edit | edit source]

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